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Print and Cut Outdoor Durable Decals
for many uses.

NOTE: SOME OF THE PRICES HERE MAY HAVE CHANGED. Please contact us for a quote (updated January 2020). The best way to learn about what we might be able to do for you is to see the examples below and read the descriptions. You'll quickly get an idea of what we can and can't do. For now you can contact me and let me know what you need. We can keep all orders on file for easy future ordering of the same design. Soon I will be adding and easy to use order form at the bottom of the page.


Decals to promote your business or labels for merchandise branding

merchandise branding stickers
A strip of decals like these (above) cost around $22 plus any design charges.
Or get 2 strips worth, double for $30 - only 8 bucks more.
The size of a strip of decals like this is 26 inches by 3.8 inches. Contact for details and quote, prices of these decals subjeect to change depending on item specifics.

label stickers
These are die cut to shape decals. Aproximately 2 inches by 3 inches each.
You can get assorted sizes but the design must be the same for each strip. Price is based mostly on what fits.

car audio logo decals store decals
The size of these decals (above) is aproximately 11.5 by 3 inches each. Cost for this many is aproximately $40 plus any design charges. You could get double this amount for around $55.

chopper style business logo decals
Another example (above) these decals are 3.8 inches tall. Aproximately 4x4 inches. 6 decals fit in a $22 strip.
It's easy, 6 decals this size for $22, or double for $30. NOTE: these are example. Contact us for a quote.



Decals of a picture you provide.

decals made from a photo
A picture you provide can be printed and die cut to shape like these. The machine prints with a mix of process colors. The colors will look like a dot matrix style print, not photo quality. But, they are outdoor durable!

your artwork turned into decals
You can get assorted sizes but the design must stay the same. This is a customers original artwork. The size of this strip is 26 by 7.6 inches and costs $30.



In Loving Memory Decals / Custom Support Ribbons
For friends and family.

loved ones memory decals
The loss of a loved one is the worst thing in the world. I made these decals for a customer. Something like this, 6 decals 7.6 inches tall, costs $35 plus any design charges.

in loving memory decals
I don't mind changing the color on one but the design must stay the same. More changes can incur design charges. Remeber that the decals will not be photo quality on the phot image parts. The machine prints with a dot matrix style print on the photo images. Overall the decals look great and are outdoor durable like no others!



National pride decals / Fundraiser Decals.

american flag decals
The size of this strip of decals is 7.6 inches by 25 inches. Each flag is aproximately 7 by 5 inches. Cost for this is $30.

support our troops custom decals
Of course the smaller the design, the more decals you will get for the price. This is 1 strip of decals. Each decal is 3.8 inches tall by 2.3 inches wide. 10 or so decals fit on a $22 strip.



Full Color Decals of your kids.

outdoor durable decals of the kids
Something like this would be $20 plus $5 design charge. This is a 3.8 inch by 35 inch strip of decals. Assorted sizes. Whatever fits. Remember the machine print with a dot matrix style (not photo like quality) print that is outdoor durable like no other. Apply them to the outside of a window or smooth surface. Each strip must have the same design.



Full color logo decals for every football helmet on the team.

football helmet decals team sport decals
This customer ordered a lot of these. Around $1 each in a 3.8x3.8 inch size. The silver prints with a dot matrix style print. Black prints perfect. They worked great for the helmets and took a beating through the school year.



Car Club, Racing Team, Truck Club Decals.

car club full color logo decals
Team decals for your car club or racing team. Something like this for $28 plus design charges, if any. 16 decals in a 8.2 x 1.75 inch aproximate size. This is a double strip worth of die cut full color decals.



What's the largest full color decal I can make?

game store large format decals for signs
I made these for the owner of a games store several years ago. Each character was around 2 feet tall. I can usually make these without segments (in one peice). They are large die cut to shape decals. You can apply them to a plastic sign back or stick them on the side of a van. Many uses! Price for this would be based a lot on total vinyl used and design charges. Aproximately $8 per square foot of material used.



Other assorted uses?

e full color printed decals for signs
The first picture on the right was for a customer that needed a design on the glasses at a wedding. She was on a budget and decals, instead of expensive engraving came through and worked out great.

The second design was for a jeeps car doors. One large roadrunner for each car door. And yes, it looked pretty good.

The last 2 designs were used for signs at a concession stand. Yes, they also work great applied to a concession trailer too.




For decals:

  • Must be purchased in minimum quantites. $25 minimum.
  • Each decal can be die cut to shape.
  • Whatever fits (same design) in a 3.8" X 26" area is aproximately $22-$25
  • ...or double the amount for $30-$35
  • Whatever fits (same design) in a 7.6" X 26" area is $40
  • Multiple different design 3.8" by 35" strips $15-$20 each.
  • Assorted sizes are usually ok.
  • Design charges apply. I will let you know.
  • Photos and a lot of colors print with a dot matrix style print.
  • Decals are outdoor durable and applied to the outside of a surface only.

For large full color decals:

  • Sometimes a extra large decals will be segmented (2 or more parts)
  • Photos and a lot of colors print with a dot matrix style print.
  • It can be die cut to shape.
  • Pricing usually around $10-$12 per square foot of media used.
  • Design charge may apply. I will let you know.

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