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Decal shipping and Packaging
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packaing process for decals


First we make the decals. The days orders to ship are processed and die cut with the machine. This can be a time consuming process but we have a few machines that helps to crank them out. Once the die cut process is completed we transfer the sheets to our large working table. The sheets have to be indivually peeled, and weeded as we call it, then covered with application tape, and finally cut to a nice square shape. The hand "weeding" part can be very difficult and time cunsuming. This is where extreme patience comes in. Most of this is done by Lorena who has the ultimate patience at tedious work.

hand made die cut decals hand weeding the decals at full intensity grafx


For the die cut multi-layered color decals she will pass the separate decals to me and I apply them together as one. This can be a difficult process, and a little tedious depending on many factors like decal complexity, and the quantity. They need to be layered in perfect position and the top layer needs to be applied without air bubbles. This is where some experience really helps! Here below you can see me layer some pretty simple 2 color decals. You can see in the above pictures some really cool multicolor custom decals. Check out that muscle alien!

take base layer to table get ready to apply top layer
apply top layer peel application tape finished, just re cover in application tape


We use the USPS to ship all decals and graphics. We are very happy with the fast service they offer. The only downfall is the rising prices of the international shipments over the past few years. International shipping prices have more than doubled in such a short time.

We use both padded envelopes and heavy duty cardboard boxes to ship our decals. We once tried tubes for a short time and found many problems. The boxes allow the decal to be rolled, but not to tightly, and this works out much better because of the differences in qualities between the application tape and the wax paper of the decals. We have found the boxes to be a superior way to ship larger decals.

our decals shipped in padded envelopes our decals shipped in boxes
shipping our decals materials' always a do not bend stamp


Follow along as I demonstrate exactly how we ship our boxed or larger decals. We carefully pack them in a sturdy cardboard box. We roll the decals around a balloon so they stay nice and flat with no wrinkles when you unroll. We have found this to be far superior from tubes because one, the tube rolls the decal way to tight, and two, the tube can get smashed cause many creases through out the decals. Nevertheless you might be surprised how durable a decal is even if it were to be smashed. Why on earth? Check this out! You will see a smashed stepped on and crumbled decal still apply 100% perfectly!

lay item sticker out on table wrap decal in a balloon
bubble wrap on bottom decal in then another bubble wrap
arrives to you nicely ships well not folded
bottom of decal box international shipping decals
domestic shipping of decals


Follow along as I demonstrate exactly how we ship our packaged decals. We carefully pack smaller decals, even as large as 12 X 18 inches into a sealed padded envelope. We use a cardboard stiffener to help the decals stay flat. Although the decal might still get folded during shipment, the decals will 9,999 times out of a 10,000 apply perfectly. We also stamp the outside of the packages multiple times with a do not bend stamp.
You might be surprised how durable a decal is even if it were to be smashed or folded. Why on earth? Check this out! You will see a smashed stepped on and crumbled decal still apply 100% perfectly!

packaing for shipment of decals internationally sending decals in padded envelope
cardboard stiffener for decals ready to ship!

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