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We love feedback! We appreciate each and every customer and hearing your comments always brightens our day! Your feedback really means a lot to us.

Here you can let us know how were doing. Did you like our service? Do you like our website? No purchase necessary. Just feel free to put your comments here. You can also help support us by linking to us.
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Notes about feedback: As you might notice the negative feedback we do receive can be a result of the client not contacting us about any issue that arrises. We are only human, a two person team. Although we do have a lot of experience it is still possible we make an error on an order. This is very rare for us. In fact most processes are automated and typos for example are almost always due to incorrect website input and typing by the client. As always we are more than happy to help with any possible issue that could arrise!
Shipping: As well, less than positive feedback can be due to the third party shipping service. We both, client and seller, rely on a third party to do the actual delivery of the decals and products. Our track record with USPS for over a decade has been outstanding and we have great trust in them for delivery of your decals.
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Debra Dutko
October 24th, 2018

Negative Negative Feedback Received

I ordered the "script" style called "Civic", #41. I received a basic printed style that looks like typewriting. Please tell me you made a mistake because not only is this Not "script" it is not "civic' style, which looks very ethereal, which is why I chose it for a quote from The Lord of the Rings. If I am mistaken, please advise!

Thanks for letting me know, Debra. Yep. My mistake. Apologies. We had two fonts with the same name, and the error has been fixed. A new package is on its way to you. Have a great evening! ~John PS. For anyone reading this response. I'm always more than happy to help. If you would contact me about any issues before leaving feedback, it would allow me to perform my customer service full circle, and I promise to handle any issues with the utmost priority. I'm only human, therefor some font, color, etc, mistakes will occur, admittedly. But I am more than happy to help, and I'll do it fast!

jim artino
June 16th, 2016

Negative Negative Feedback Received

Have tried to send two emails to you but have been unsuccessful. My order today was a total disaster....have been installing graphics for 11 years....took all precautions and flames wouldn't separate from wax paper Old product???..graphic has millions of bubbles and customer has Corvette with a perfect graphic (installed by me in Feb) on one side of his Corvette and the "fullintensity" abomination on the other...He's not happy nor am I Help!!!

Hi. You cannot wet the wax paper, but you can wet the sticky side of the decals after you peel it away from the wax paper. If the wax paper gets wet, yes this will happen. Please follow instructions and the next set of your Oracal 651 series vinyl will apply flawless. If you need some tips, I have been professionally installing this material daily for 20 years. I'll be more than happy to help.

Brooke Turner
February 18th, 2015

Negative Negative Feedback Received

it was misspelled

After hearing from buyer we sent a fix right away. We copy and paste the order details so we do not make spelling errors. Please make sure to double check all spelling before adding to your items to cart. Customer understood the she made the error on the order so I am not sure why she left us bad feedback. Nevertheless we were very prompt on fixing the error at our expense due to a typo in her order and will be happy to do so for anyone else.

Tony Boldt
June 6th, 2014

Negative Negative Feedback Received

Its been a month since the stickers were shipped and I still have not received them .

Sorry to hear that Tony. This is an International Order, and it is possible there was a customs delay. Customs delays happen with a small percentage of packages selected for inspection, then will resume shipment. I have responded to buyer and sent the tracking info. We did make and ship decals on the same day the customer purchased. We have proof of shipment and tracking. I will continue to work with buyer if needed.

-Customer Name Removed by Admin-
May 23rd, 2014

Negative Negative Feedback Received

I have ordered 5 sets of decals from John. All were fine including the free decals, (that give free advertising, but look good.) My last order I got 2 free decals of different colors 1 orange 1 white. Sent John email and didn't get any response.

Sorry. The free ones I made for you are exactly that, completely free. I just add them to your order because I think it will be a nice thing to do. As noted on the site we are moving our family to a new state and emails might take longer for me to respond to.

Brandon Urban
April 3rd, 2012

Negative Negative Feedback Received

Ordered two decals. One was alright. Did not want to come off the paper, but it looks like it should. The other was a joke. First of all it did blot look like it did online. It was the backfire font. and the letters would not come off the paper. Very aggriavated With the product. Shipping was good but I will not order again.

Buyer never contacted me. All who have done business with me know I am more than willing to help and will resend an order without hesitation. I'm more than happy to help so please do all sellers you do business with a huge favor, PLEASE contact before leaving feedback so we can help. I understand how installing decals can at times be a little frustrating, especially the larger ones. One of the most important tips to ensure easy removal from application tape is to give the decal a firm squeegee before peeling. I understand it might not be possible to make everyone in the world happy but it you contact me first, I will promise to do my best to try.

marvin odom
July 4th, 2009

Negative Negative Feedback Received

i have emailed you three times and i have gotton no responce about order #3119. i have ashed you to make sure that a halo is over the dog charlie because i put it there when i ordered it but it did not come over in the sample. please let me know that you got this message and please email me a new sample with halos over the dog charlie and the dad name pop. thank you

Hi Marvin, I'm sorry but I seem to not be receiving any of your emails. I really am a very fast responder and reply very fast. I did send a sample proof of your order and waited for 2 days. After no response I finally decided to ship. Don't worry. If there's a problem with the order it will be fixed at my expense. Thanks, John.

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