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Order vinyl Custom Lettering Decals Express yourself and your style, or design a Custom Family Sticker for fun and family pride. LOADS of DECALS to choose from. Also great for ADVERTISING. Adhere on your back window, tailgate, or bumper, notebook or laptop case, or almost any smooth surface!
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Possible reasons why there isn't a free sticker here right now include...

  • It doesn't have enough LIKES on Facebook yet so it isn't ready to appear here. Check FB comments for the item to see if it says the item is already won or gone.
  • It was on right here just few moments ago and someone already won it.
  • Someone beat you to it by only 1 second or less, try again.
  • There is not a free decal or sticker available right now.
  • The link you are coming from is about an item that was already won.

Please check our Facebook page for Full Intensity Grafx as there could be one that will be available soon and awaiting a certain number of likes. Decals and Stickers for free are posted first on the Facebook page. Once the item receives at least the amount of likes needed to activate it, it will become available here for somebody to win. You can win by following instructions exactly AND by being the first person to claim here. Enter your address and press the CLAIM MY FREEBIE button. There can be one winner per item. Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook so you can stay up to date with the cool decal and sticker freebies we will occasionally post. Also you might want to bookmark this page as well as our main home page so you can access it quickly.


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