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We love feedback! We appreciate each and every customer and hearing your comments always brightens our day! Your feedback really means a lot to us.

Here you can let us know how were doing. Did you like our service? Do you like our website? No purchase necessary. Just feel free to put your comments here. You can also help support us by linking to us.
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Notes about feedback: As you might notice the negative feedback we do receive can be a result of the client not contacting us about any issue that arrises. We are only human, a two person team. Although we do have a lot of experience it is still possible we make an error on an order. This is very rare for us. In fact most processes are automated and typos for example are almost always due to incorrect website input and typing by the client. As always we are more than happy to help with any possible issue that could arrise!
Shipping: As well, less than positive feedback can be due to the third party shipping service. We both, client and seller, rely on a third party to do the actual delivery of the decals and products. Our track record with USPS for over a decade has been outstanding and we have great trust in them for delivery of your decals.
Please consider these ideas when leaving feedback with any business.


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Neil Richardet
June 26th, 2014

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

I had a problem when I ordered and there were 2 orders by accident as I tried to correct the first. I received the correct characters but I wanted them on Chrome Vinyl and Arial Italic font as per my order of 2 years ago. I received Silver decals in plain Arial font. Can I reorder - I am willing to pay again.

Hi. You ordered a single custom text decal shipped internationally. I sent exactly what you ordered plus I included an extra one free. When you remove the application tape you will see the chrome vinyl appear. For special requests or size matching to a previous order you must contact me to let me know. I have no reason to know you wanted something different than what you ordered if you do not. Yes, you can of course reorder anytime. Thanks.

Dennis Roth
May 14th, 2013

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

this package showed up all smashed & the decal is so twisted it ripped when i tried to get it off the backing

We both rely on a third party, the USPS for the actual delivery of the package. Although very rare, damage can happen during transit. I can file a claim with USPS and will be happy to work with you in any way possible.

Anonymous Customer
August 9th, 2012

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

Hello would like to see Pinstripes become available. Custom Pinstripes would be what I'm looking for.

Hi! We already have hundreds. They are located in the main decals catalog, and you can find them by using the search box located there. Simply enter the word pinstripe. FYI, you might want to contact the person you are doing business with if you cannot find something on their webpage. Most businesses are very happy to answer a question. Then you might leave positive feedback, smile.

April 3rd, 2012

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

We love our family decal however alot of it did not come off right when we went to put it on. Hopefully we can get a replacement.

Most likely the decal needs a firm squeegee before attempting to peel it away from the application tape. This is number one on the included MOST IMPORTANT TIPS. Please contact me before leaving feedback. One half of doing business is communication before and after sale. I will contact buyer and most likely resend a new decal ASAP and explain further about the most important application tips which make installation a piece of cake.

December 13th, 2011

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

i want family window decals in stick figure fish. dad, mom, kids, maybe a worm for pet. what do you think?

Nancy Sidley
September 9th, 2011

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

The sticker under military with wings and a helicopter in the center is corectly called an AIR ASSALT sticker - when a hughly qualified soldier rappels on a rope from a helicopter to the ground. The other sticker you have with a parachutte in the center of wings IS properly labeled as AIRBORNE. From a US ARMY Soldiers wife who is both AB (airborne) and AA (airassault) qualified.

Hi. If you see a item in the graphics catalog that is wrongly named feel free to contact me and I can change it. Thanks, ~John

laura dolman
April 6th, 2010

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

Really excited recieved in less than one week.Cute as can be, way too funny !! Shows the real "us", as a family... Ordered to put on mailbox to show off to our nieghbors ..but cant see because it came in white and our mail box is white ... ordered in black...

As soon as I got the message from the customer, I sent a new decal in the correct color black. Customer can keep the white decal. My apologies. For future orders, PLEEEAASE check your sample proof. I send these out with all family decal orders because I do make mistakes occasionally. This error would have been caught in time. -John

Devon Ainsworth
September 2nd, 2009

Neutral Neutral Feedback Received

I returned from vacation and I just checked my email to see my order just shipped. I looked at the sample and see you switched the positions of the last 2 dogs. I arranged the 7 figures by decreasing age left to right. Also the dogs' sizes are shown as equals rather than with differing heights: left to right their relative heights are 12", 18" and 6"(spotted dog). In addition, you flipped the direction of the boy and didn't decrease the girl's height to show her shorter than her brother (9"shorter). Please let me know how I can have you correct these discrepancies. Best regards, Devon Ainsworth

Hi, No problem. We will recreate and re-ship a new order free of charge. For future orders please let us know if you are going on vacation before approving your sample proof. We automatically ship after 2 days if we do not receive a response from you, as noted on the family decals page. We can place your order on hold until you return. Thanks. John and Lorena.

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