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Checkout payments faq
(MSG: 1-31-2021) New turn-around time: Instead of 0-1 days, decals will be shipped within 1-2 days.
I had to take on an addtional full-time job so we'll do our best to get your graphics shipped fast! SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS!
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complete checkout faq

Important notice!

I have had instances with users of Comcast, and Verizon email addresses NOT receiving my emails. I have noticed that these service providers sometimes automatically classify email as spam and delete it before it ever reaches you. If you have another email address such as Yahoo it may ensure you receive my emails.

You will receive an automated order email from this site after you enter your shipping details. If you do not receive this email it is unlikely you would receive the others to follow. Contact me anytime if you feel you might have missed an email from me.
This is extra important for those of you who are awaiting a sample proof email.

Do you store any sensitve information on your site?

No, all sensitive information is handled by PayPal on PayPal's safe and secure website in the final step. The only information we store is your name, address, and order details.

Why do you recommend Paypal checkout over Google?
(Google Checkout was cancelled. Google chose to disconitue the service as of Nov 20, 2013)

We recently added the Google checkout option. PayPal has served us well for many years and we've never had a problem. PayPal is currently the leader in accepting web payments, although Google is catching up fast in this department. Let's see how it goes...

Update (April 20, 2011): After using Google for over 6 months now I am still finding PayPal superior. One thing I notice is address checking and better email confirmations.

Can I pay with any regular credit card? Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes, you can pay with any regular credit card. When you get to paypal's website you will see small text on the left of the page that says:

Don't have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue

Instead of logging in with a paypal password, Just click the word continue to pay with any regular credit card or bank draft/echeck.

Can I pay with money order?

Yes. After you enter you name and address on our checkout and press continue we automatically receive all of your order info. Just contact us and let us know you want to pay with money order. Just provide your name and we can look up the order. We will then send an email to to with instructions.

Some orders come with a sample proof...

Large custom orders, family stickers, and any order we feel unsure of may prompt us to send you a sample proof in the form of a jpeg graphic. We will send this to the email address you put in our checkout form. Your order will be put on hold until we hear from you so please make sure the email address is working and typed correctly.

Do you ship outside the US?
Do I need to enter a state?
Do you ship to my country?

As long as the country is on checkout page in the dropdown box where you choose a country then we will ship. If the country is not listed please contact us first.

In the past we have had issues with certain countries in regards to the item not being delivered, or other problems, so some countries are not available.

Entering a state on our checkout form is optional. You will still be able to continue without entering a state. Just make sure everything else is filled out. You can always modify your address info when you get to paypal too.

Can I track my package? ...If it is an International order can I?

Only USA orders will receive tracking information. This will be sent to you via a PayPal shipment email. Please make sure PayPal email address is current so you receive it..

How long until I receive my order?

We work fast. We usually ship the sdame or next day. Most orders go first class mail with tracking and take anywhere from 2-5 days to arrive. Most customers are very happy with this service and get their orders really quick. Large orders and, if you opted for it, go via USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive within 2-3 days.

NOTE. Exclude the day you ordered from shipping times. We need one day to create and package.

Note both First Class Mail and Priority Mail are not guaranteed services. That means they are not guaranteed to arrive in the specified time, though they usually do.

International Orders: Be patient. Yes, they do take longer. Although we do ship it out the same day or next, it's the middleman you have to worry about here. Most orders take 7-21 days assuming there are no customs delays.

I need my order in a hurry. Can I get it ovenighted?

No, this ooption is no longer available. We have two options available. USPS First Class 3-5 day and Priority Mail 2-3 Day. Please add one day for creation and processing of decals so do not count the day you ordered as a shipping day.

How much does shipping cost?

Soon to be updated

My refunded payment for a payment made in error has not shown up on my statement yet?

Please contact your bank and paypal. The only thing I can do from my control panel in paypal is refund the payment that was recieved. It's likely that paypal hasn't yet processed the refund. I've heard this many times from customers in the past and that is usually the case.

What will appear on my statement as the billing name?

The payment will show up on your statement as a payment to GDG.

tip If your having trouble with payment you might want to take a look at the payment tips and help page

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