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Here's a few pictures that help to describe both the family sticker figure style decals and the full color family sticker style decals.
Both styles are AWESOME!
Also see videos

cool decal example 1

A distance view comparison. This is standard size for the decals.

full color decal

A closer look at the 2 styles. The one on the left just happens to have a custom header and names added to it.

custom sized to your needs decal

A nice view of the standard stick figure style decal on a non-tinted window. White still shows up best applied to either a tinted or non-tinted window.

outdoor durable decals

A more distant view.

outdoor durable decals

The full color family sticker.

outdoor durable decals

A zoom in on a full color family sticker.

outdoor durable decals

A final look.

Also see videos

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