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Real Flames Fire Hot Burn license plate
12" tall X 6" wide Aluminum Plate: Real Flames Fire Hot Burn
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Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

These personalized license plates make excellent Christmas presents and unique gifts that last and last. Customize any of the plates or signs with vinyl decal stickers or buy them as is. The decal vinyl material used is 6-year outdoor durable.

Durable custom vinyl decals can be added to the airbrushed license plates, auto-tags, and signs, is an outdoor durable vinyl. The duribility depends on various conditions. Read about variables that can affect the outdoor durability of the added vinyl decals and stickers HERE in our informative FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What also makes a remarkable gift. A Personalized Family Sticker. A decal Christmas or personalized gift that lasts for years and years!

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